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MIMMS Advanced Course

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25 October 2023 to 27 October 2023
Exact Training Location: 
Perron Place, 61 Kitchener Avenue East Vic Park WA

Please note: You must complete the application form (found here) and email to in order for your application to be considered.

MIMMS Advanced (formerly known as Commander) runs over 3 consecutive days. It is an accredited course with ALSG (UK) and is widely accepted internationally. The content includes command, safety, communication, assessment, triage, treatment and transport. The course is competency based and participants are tested in the practical application of skills taught. This course is particularly relevant for those in senior positions likely to take a coordination or command role, or those involved with staff development/training. Manuals and other materials are supplied as part of the course and instructors are experienced emergency managers, paramedics and medicine and nursing specialists. As the MIMMS Advanced course is a fully inclusive, comprehensive course, there are no requirements to have completed the MIMMS team member course first.

If you are successful, MIMMS certification is valid for four years.

The course objectives include: 

· Understanding the organisations, structures and roles in managing major incidents and how they work together 

· Able to prepare for and implement a structured approach when responding to major incidents (CSCATTT). 

· Able to deliver the medical support needed at major incidents, through triage, treatment and transport. 

§ Incidents in context 
§ Command and control
§ Preparation & Legislation
§ Communication
§ Triage
§ Treatment and transport 

Practical skills 
§ Radio procedures
§ Personal and medical equipment

Table tops
§ Table top 1—Command & Control
§ Table top 2—Triage

Assessment and Certification
Assessments will cover all aspects If you are successful, the MIMMS Advanced certification is valid for four years.

Govt. Rate: Applies to applications funded by the WA Department of Health, associated emergency response partners (i.e. SJA, DFES, WAPOL, and Defence), publicly contracted hospitals (Peel, JHC, SJOG, MPPH) and self-funded WA Department of Health employees. All others: Applies to anyone not in the above categories.

Govt. Rate $695 All Others $995 (see details in Event description for full course costings)


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