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The Major Incident Medical Management and Support (MIMMS)

Our courses teach a systematic approach to disaster medical management. This approach can be applied to any major incident. The emphasis is on the scene management and the majority of the medical management courses are based on practical skills. 

MIMMS Courses

MIMMS disaster management courses have been used to train thousands of personnel in the systematic approach to a multiple casualty incident it is now taught worldwide and the principles of MIMMS have been used successfully in many incidents.

MIMMS Australasia

MIMMS Australasia | Educating professionals in disaster management

The International Federation of Red Cross estimates that over 15 million Australians and 28,000 New Zealanders were affected by disaster during the last decade (Bradt, Abraham & Frank 2003). Natural disasters alone have caused over 500 deaths and 6000 injuries in Australia over the past 30 years (Abrahams 2001).

Across Australasia MIMMS is continuing to educate a variety of professionals in the management of health and casualties in a disaster or major incident. This approach provides consistency and ensures responders are prepared and understand the operational management structure they are working within, both inside the hospital and out in the 'field'.

In conjuction with an Aussie wide approach, MIMMS Australasia will continue to manage a National Database of those persons appropriately trained and ready to engage should the need arise